Aviana is taking a nap for me the first time this week, Kevin is napping, and Brielle is alternately nursing, whining, and grabbing for everything in sight (pencil marks on the new monitor anyone?) I have about a half hour before I need to start getting ready to go get our portraits taken. Kevin’s sister is here from St. Louis and we are getting an all family picture done. I would never have believed how much I would agonize over these pictures! I just want them to be good.

I’ve had “blog weekend” on my to-do list all week, so here goes: I can’t really remember Saturday now. Sunday we went to a different church. Aviana had a fit when we put her in the child care. I thought for sure she would calm down, but she never did. She sat with us through the entire 1 1/2 hour service like a golden girl. I was so impressed. She was only bothersome to me, and that was only because I notice everylittlething she does. After church we finally got our new monitor. Our old one has been fritzing out for quite some time now, and sometimes wouldn’t let us see anything at all. Then Kevin let me take a nap all afternoon. What a blessing and what a treat! Brielle doesn’t yet sleep through the night, so I can get quite tired. And when I’m tired, I tend to be a little, shall we say, short tempered? which is no fun for anyone.

Monday we were in a parade. It wasn’t as much fun as I thought because it was so blinkin’ hot. We had to sit in the hot sun for an hour before we were ready to roll, so we were all rather hot and uncomfortable for the whole parade. We almost made up for it though by eating maidrites and homemade pie and homemade ice cream served up by sweet little church ladies afterwords. My sister and her kids, my cousin, and Kevin’s cousin and her kids were all able to join us.

Aviana and Cora are SO EXCITED about being in the parade!

How adorable are Amelia and Ella?

You can almost see all of Titus and my sister. Brielle and Kevin model their stylish headgear.

We (The five girls –Aviana, Cora, Ella, Sarah & Kristen–who some people thought were all mine-Yikes! and I) rode on strawbales in a wagon Kevin pulled behind one of his Oliver tractors.

One handsome husband.

3 thoughts on “Finally

  1. Jessica, Any time you want you can borrow Sarah and Kristen to practice having older girls around. I am sure that you will enjoy the early teenage years. HaHa.
    Aviana behaving during church is not surprising. We never put either girl into the nursery at church. By the time they were three they knew the Lord’s Prayer,were able to sing some of the hymns along and join in with the correct responses at the correct time. Aviana will enjoy being with you instead of in the nursery at church.

  2. Jenny H says:

    Hey friend! Your kids are the cutest ever! Also, I can’t believe how old Amelia is – I think that means I am getting old! I hope you have a great weekend! I miss you and love you!

  3. Jenny–I KNOW! She just turned 20! I feel like I’m getting old too–I’m starting to understand all the cheek pinching, “I can’t believe how much you’ve grown!” aunties!

    Colleen–I know what you mean, I do think worship as a family is important. I just can focus SO much better if I don’t have any wee ones near.

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