Featuring Chicks

Don’t even get me started about the number of stitches I had to take out to make these dresses. Or the mistakes I couldn’t fix which I won’t point out to you. But I really LOVED the challenge and am really starting to enjoy sewing (now that I have several attempts projects under my belt). Let me just say however, sewing is NOT cheaper than buying.

I was looking at Gymboree’s spring lines to get ideas for Easter, and asked Kevin, “Is $35 too much to pay for a special Easter dress?” He thought it was, so I volunteered,” Maybe I could make them.” Even though I made a special trip to JoAnn’s when their material was 50% off and I had great coupon, I still spent nearly the equivalent of buying them there!

Not to mention my time is worth at least $25/hour. Right? Of course right.

New batch of baby chicks in our basement now. You probably don’t want to know…we’re planning on eating them in the fall…That’s life on the farm, folks!

Someone said I should frame this one, which I wouldn’t have thought of because I’m such a “smile and pose” kind of a girl…maybe I need to break out of my mold a bit…
He can sign chicken now, and did not stop signing it all day!

And this is to highlight that stinker face toddler I adore!

7 thoughts on “Featuring Chicks

  1. Wonderful looking dresses. I used to make a lot of my own clothes back when it was more economical. Now, I agree that the time factor just doesn't make it cost effective. I love the chicks and kids together.

  2. dresses are cute!! I love to sew, but not always do my things come out great! I always blame the machine! hehe

    The one where they are all looking down at the chicks is great would probably even look good in black and white!!

    hows the pregnancy going?!

  3. Repeat to yourself…"Smile and pose pictures are nice but candid photos are best at capturing the 'essence' of the subject." 🙂 Without a doubt that photo of the 3 of them looking down at the chicks is the best one and absolutely MUST be framed. Nice job on the girls' dresses, too, Mama! Love ya!

  4. Great job on the dresses, Jessica! You should be really proud.
    btw – I shouldn't tell you I bought last years Gymbo dresses on clearance last year for the girls for $7 a piece?!? 🙂

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