Father’s Day

Oliver is a brand of tractor. I made these tees using Publisher and Iron-on printer paper.

My Mother’s Day present came in and we picked it up on Father’s Day.
After we got that loaded into the house, and finished painting and cleaning up in the guest room, we went over to Kevin’s parents for grilled steaks.

The guest room will be occupied by my mom. She got a job at one of the local libraries–her DREAM job–and will be staying with us when working. Their house is still on the market, and my dad will be staying there with the dog until it sells.

Built in babysitting–Yay! And someone to pick up my library books for me–double YAY!

Speaking of library books: I just checked out Hungry Planet. IT’S FANTASTIC. And so interesting. And beautifully done. If you check out these exerpts, you’ll want to get it too.

You know you will.

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