So, Fasting, huh? What is that? Just this year I am learning more about this spiritual discipline. My only experience with fasting: At the beginning of this year, as part of the Bible study I was doing, I did a modified Daniel fast, where I ate only food God made–and cut out caffeine– for 10 days, and if you know me at ALL, that is a BIG GIANT deal!! I did it because it was part of the Bible study, and I wanted to do what I was supposed to do. I realize now, I didn’t go into it with the right frame of mind. I didn’t really even know what or why I was doing it. It was like, ok, it’s Tuesday, start your fast tomorrow. So I did it, but didn’t get anything really out of it, except knowing I did it.

Kevin and I are part of Samaritan’s Ministries, and I really like it. I mean, really really like it. I like the idea of the family of God taking care of each other. That, and our insurance company totally screwed us over in the matter of Cadrian’s birth. Even though the total cost was a fraction of what a hospital birth would have been. Even though we went through all the right channels. But I digress.

Along with the information on where to send our share each month, Samaritan’s Ministries sends out a newsletter about all kinds of things: political information, what’s going on in the world of health care, keeping our children in the faith; it runs the gamut.

In this month’s newsletter they included a copy of Abraham Lincoln’s National Day of Prayer and Fasting. Imagine! A NATIONAL Day of Prayer and Fasting!

Samaritan’s Ministries asked us to consider a day (or more) of prayer and fasting. They included a wealth of information about kinds of fasts, scriptural basis for them, what can be accomplished because of Christians praying and fasting. I was doing a bit more research, and came across this handy-dandy guide to fasting at Campus Crusade for Christ.

To be honest, I never really thought about fasting. My church doesn’t “do” Lent. It’s never really come up. But now, I’m intrigued.

Yesterday, I felt like God was asking me to “fast” from the computer. So I did. And it was good.

And now I think He’s asking me to go farther. And it will be good.

I’m opening comments up for a little dialog here. Thoughts? Experiences?

6 thoughts on “Fasting

  1. I fasted often in high school prior to and during my Senior year when I was praying for one person a day to come to know the Lord.

    When that fell trough, well, I haven't done it since.

    When I was fasting I would eat dinner, and then nothing again until the following evening. The first few times I did it my tongue swelled up and it was hard to eat when the time came.

    I'm totally in favor of fasting from what and for as long as the Lord leads, but I haven't gotten back on that horse since I fell off. …it may be time to do that again a little more intentionally.


  2. It isn't something I do regularly either…but I will do it when instructed to (from God or if the whole church wants us to pray for something specific.) To be honest though I get hungry and grumpy and don't really know if it achieves what it is supposed to.
    BTW I only have water, maybe I should try the Daniel fast…or the electronic gadgets fast.

  3. I'm all for fasting myself. There have been several times where my family has fasted for specific needs in our family and in our city. Sometimes we fast meals, sometimes it's something like coffee, sometimes it's media. We usually all pray before the fast begins and ask the Lord what he would like us to fast. We usually each are fasting something different. We also spend time praying throughout the fast.

  4. One of the biggest lessons I've learned about fasting is that in Biblical times, almost everytime people fasted, it was from sun-up until sundown. That doesn't mean one should splurge at night, but simply remember that HE is our daily bread.

    Another thing I've learned is that if someone has issues with eating, whether it's overeating or undereating….fasting probably shouldn't be something to pursue.

    And lastly, there are MANY ways to fast, and many things to fast from….but it shouldn't become an idol. If it starts pulling one AWAY from the Father instead of TO Him….it should probably wait until another time.

    Hope this helped. 🙂

  5. Back at the end of January I did a 13 day fast and it was great. My reasoning was to get control over my tastebuds and cravings. I actually never felt better. However, I built a support group around me of several woman who sent me notes, called me, talked to me at church to keep me motivated and accountable. It was a great experience and I really felt great after day 3. I want to do it again and use this book each day as I do…"Hunger Pains" by Cynthia Moe. Please keep in touch (you can facebook/e-mail me) I'll be anxious to know how it goes for you. It was an incredible experience for me because I had to fall on my face on the kitchen floor several times to beg God to give me the strength to say "no".

  6. I, like Stef, found fasting food didnt work. I got tired, grumpy, fainted and low blood pressure.

    In fact, it is far more of a sacrifice for me to fast technology and God has spoken to me about this. If I spent the time with him that I do on my computer….well….I dont need to elaborate.

    Its such a personal thing and I do believe He calls people to fast in specific areas.

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