Farm Funnies

Aviana, age 9, bursts into the bathroom where I’m, ahem, doing bathroom things.
“MAMA!” she bellows, “Mama!”
“What?!”alarmed,  I am forced to answer, wondering why I can’t seem to remember to ALWAYS lock the door.
“Stamps are now 49 cents!”


Cadrian, age 5, to our chiropractor.

Did you buy that table put togevvewr awweady or did it come in a box and you put it togevvewr?
I bought it put together already.
*pause, thinking this over*
When you die, can I have it?


Cadrian, as we’re driving to the park:
Can we go swimming?
No, not today.
Can we go to a friend’s house?
No, not today.
Can we go to that park?
No, that’s a school, we can’t go there until the schoolchildren go home.
Can we go to that park? (indicating the one we’re heading to)
Yes! Yes we can!
UGH! NO! I don’t want to!


Denton, 3, riding his tractor around and around the lawn chair where I’m sitting outside.
“Know what I hate?”
“What?” I respond, internally exasperated to hear another thing this kid hates.
“When you’re sitting down wifout me.”

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