Farm Funnies

On starting the day:
Aviana goes to wake her Gigi at around 8 o’clock this morning. Gigi comments on how that’s later than usual. Aviana informs her, “I’m not as er-wee as the er-wee birwd, but not as wate as the wate birwd.”

Whatever time he gets up, I want in on that…
Brielle comes into my room where I’m still lying in bed with a headache, nursing the baby.

“You no yike det up eeeder, noooo.”
On knowing the date:
I ask Kevin to order a calendar for me while he’s on line and give him the information.

He looks at me blankly. “What do you need a calendar for?”

I look at him blankly. “What do I need a calendar for?!

“We already have calendars.”

Suddenly it dawns on me he thinks I want a calendar for 2008!
On wound care:
Aviana has gotten an ice pack for her invisible injury, and Brielle, who is supposed to be in her room having quiet time, is trying to talk me into one as well.

“Boo-boo, right deer,” as she points out a miniscule scrape on her finger.
“But we don’t have any more ice packs.”
We go back and forth for a few minutes, and all I really want is for her to go back to her room. Finally I find a teething ring in the back of the freezer and hand it to her.

She takes it, looks at me with those killer eyes of hers, and quips, “Warm it up, peese.”
On being negative:
Brielle has this funny little way of saying no.

“Me no yike veggies eeeder, noooo!”
“Me no want nap eeeeder, noooo!”

I don’t know why she started saying “Either, noooo!” but it is endearing, thankfully, since I hear it quite often.
On special treats:
Dada keeps all kinds of yummy snacks we don’t have in the house in the office of his workshop, like pre-packaged peanut butter crackers, peanuts, sodas, bottles of juice.

Brielle wanted him to take her in there for a treat when she was playing outside yesterday:

“Go yours post office. Eat peanus!”

8 thoughts on “Farm Funnies

  1. I no yike det up eeeder, noooo

    I don’t unfortunately my family is a fifty/fifty split of morning people and night owls so SOMEONE (or three) is usually grumpy at any given time of day. 🙂

  2. I love the way you capture the things your girls say… you write it so well it’s like you can hear them talking…such cuties!

    That last one took me a minute as I just read it how I assumed it should read and not how she said it… then I had to chuckle. My son loves to sing random songs that he writes and one he wrote when Daddy brought peanuts home from a business flight went like this, “Shake, shake shake your peanuts, shake your peanuts” he sang this as he shook the bag… only as you can imagine it didn’t sound like peanuTs and when he sang it weeks later when it popped into his head and he wasn’t holding a bag of peanuts we got quite a confused stare from my husband’s cousin who was visiting at the time!!

  3. Looove toddler-speak. Too cute! I’m so glad you are keeping record, because these things are soooo precious to read again later to remember all the things the kids did when they were little.

    There were certain words we AVOIDED like the plague, because Judah would botch them sooo bad…Peanuts were “nuts”, all ships were “boats”, and we never said “Fire truck” because when he first made the connection to sirens and fire trucks, he’d get so excited and say it really fast, and it would come out sounding like the f-bomb. He did this once in the teen class I teach at church when some sirens went roaring by.

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