Farm Funnies

I’m the self appointed comedic relief. I’ll call down to the care center where my mom and my aunt are keeping vigil by my grandma’s side a couple times a day with gems like these:

Husband: These socks hurt my feet!

Me: What?

Husband: These socks are killing my feet where the seam that I superglued is rubbing in my boot!

Me: What? Why did you superglue your socks?

Husband: YOU won’t darn them!

Me: Ohhhhh.

Brielle: ‘Wember what the trees wook wike covered in snow?
Me: What?
Brielle: Wike twees covered in snow!


We should CELEBRATE that Grandma Leonard gets to go home to be with God. AND! You’ll get to be with her when you die. And you’ll also get to be with Esther!


Who’s there?
Soup who?

The girls know that I absolutely adore the site Cakewrecks and that it makes me laugh out loud every. single. time. They totally don’t understand why it’s so funny, but they love to laugh. They’ll both crowd onto me and say things like, “Wook at that wedding cake! It’s sooooo funny!” (and it isn’t) or “Oooh, I wike that pwetty butterfly!” (and it very much isn’t!) or “May I have a tea party take?” (ummmm…NO!) And all their commentary makes me laugh all the more.

Today Brielle was tied to her bed having quiet time and heard me in on the computer, cackling to myself. She commenced a fit; “I want to see the pretty wedding takes! I want to see the pwetty wedding takes!!”

Well, I got the better of her. I wasn’t even laughing because I was on Cakewrecks. So there, little three year old. Ha!
Aviana put a blanket over the lid of the toy box which is balanced between the couch and the toy box. She crawls in to her little cave and says, “I just want to be left alone. Just let me be alone in my new claim shanty. This is my new claim shanty.”

As her little brother pulls on the blanket and ruins the house, she says, “Rats. Well, I guess a little girl only five years old can’t be expected to build a very sturdy claim shanty.”

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  1. Jessica! Your children are hysterical! Oh, and I've never met someone who can draw as many comments on their facebook status as you can! {Sigh!} When I grow up I want to be like you! 🙂

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