Farm Funnies

To Brielle, who has been pestering me to make doll clothes with her.
Thinking this would be an easy out,”Maybe we could make diapers for your dolly”
“Really!? She’s 14; do you really think she needs a diaper?!”

We ask things like ” Who wants more oatmeal?” or “Who wants to go outside?” and all the children respond, “I do!” It didn’t take long before Denton started saying, “IdoIdo!” when he wants something.


The girls were performing a silly rendition of “So Long, Farewell” and dancing around the room singing “Adieu, adieu to you and you and you.”

Denton stood up and ran around in a circle yelling, “IDOIDOIDO!”

Brielle came home and immediately noticed the new lamp we’d gotten. “WOW!” She exclaims, “Now we have a fancy living room!”


Aviana has grand plans to put on a family version of “The Wizard of Oz” when the new baby is Denton’s age. The new baby is going to be the lion. I said, “Perhaps the new baby could have a non-speakingrue part. The lion is  kind of a big role for a one year old.”

“Yes,” she responded, “but that’s when he’ll fit into the costume.”



Brielle was snooping browsing around in my studio when I was in there sewing. She found a personalized silver cup my great-aunt had given in honor of my birth.

“Oooh,” says Miss Brielle, “Did someone give this to you on your birthday?”

“No, someone gave that to me when I was born.”

“Oh,” says she, matter of factly, “then it’s about 100 years old.”

At dinner the chiddlers were being even sillier than usual. I announced, “Absolutely no Alice in Wonderland talk tonight.”

“What? What’s that?”

“No NONSENSE!” I grinned.

This, of course, brought gales of giggles.

Dada pondered aloud, “I wonder what the world record is for non-stop laughing.”

Aviana replied, in all seriousness, “Oh, probably about 18 minutes.”


May you enjoy at least 18 minutes of laughing tonight!

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