The Farm Fresh Ride

One of the funniest mamas I’ve never met asked to see the inside of your minivan. I thought I was too tired to go out and take pictures, but then I changed my mind. So here you go:

Our lovely “new” van–new to us in January, ‘cuz even though I was sure they would, three car seats will not fit in the backseat of a Taurus

My make-up kit, because “on the way” is where I do my make-up and the kiddlets’ CD’s

The nastiness that is our console, banana sticker and heart foamie notwithstanding. My keys and sunglasses.

Glove compartment: because life is too short of bad breath or headaches
Maps for three states: Because you never know where you might end up Notebook: to jot notes for the journey Owner’s manual: because Hubby likes to look things up in it. Envelope with our insurance info

Aviana’s overnight bag: All set for an impromptu visit at Grandma’s (although the clothes in it may be used. I can’t be sure)

A dress I borrowed from a friend last July for Brielle’s one year picture. I keep meaning to get it back to her. Word search books: Meant to be a gift to the old lady we sometimes visit in the nursing home. I’m sure we’ll visit again someday…

Blankets: in case it’s cold

General disgustingness. A stuffed animal. An umbrella: in case it rains. The scraper: which I hope we won’t need again until next November.

A rock: in case I need it for Sunday school (Aviana picked it up for me at the park; and I really did use a rock in a discussion with my Sunday school hooligans about Stephan, the first martyr–though we did not talk about the whole story, just that rocks can be used for fun, and to hurt people.) A phone book: just in case.

Tripod: because we might pass a Perfect Picture Place and might need to stop and take pictures (and we might have the camera with us) Jumper cables. A tire inflater. A mei tai wrap for Brielle. Can someone tell me what those semi-circle ‘holes’ are for?

6 thoughts on “The Farm Fresh Ride

  1. Those holes are for grocery bags, so they don’t fall over and spill all over the place on the ride home.
    You are a brave momma showing the inside of your van. Mine is about 100 times worse than yours. 🙂

  2. What a good idea that van maker had! Now that I know what to do with it, I will definitely be putting them to good use!

    I wonder if my van holds any other wonderful secrets to make my life easier…

  3. Yes…I was just going to tell you what the little loops are for. Work great for a big trip to Hy-Vee!!!

    My van looks MUCH like yours!!! I need a wash VERY bad!

  4. I am on the floor laughing!

    I love the dress you borrowed last July and keep meaning to return. That is such a classic McMommy move, you have no idea.

    You and I are minivan mates for life now.

  5. Oh yes…a Taurus just doesn’t fit 3 carseats well. We too, had to upgrade to a van when we had our 3rd last year. Now the Taurus is my husbands vehicle and we have since found that you can fit 3 carseats…but you have to slam the doors shut, use the kid locks, & it’s not something I would ever want to do on a daily basis!

  6. It took me a while to figure out the semi circle holes as well.

    I just vaccumed out our van. I could not believe the amount of food I found. I would never let my couch get that bad!!! my van on the other hand is neglected and abused 😉

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