7 thoughts on “Farm Fresh Noise

  1. That is actually so cute! I love cows. We live in TX, so can drive anywhere and see cows in pastures left and right. My son LOVES looking for the cows! If the cows aren’t out, my husband will tell him they are napping, so now if Dax doens’t see any, he says “cows sleepin!”

  2. I AM jealous! I so miss having property and our little goats and especially the dream of adding a horse and some chickens. A couple of blocks from us, smack dab in the middle of a bunch of subdivisions is a little farm that always has three mama cows, two of which recently had babies. I always slow the car down so the kids and I can oogle the cows and calves when we drive by. Course, I admit, I don’t have to live with the mooing when the babies go away.

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