The Farm Fresh Family and Too Much Birthday

The cupcake was the most he’s eaten in days. Poor little critter just isn’t feeling too hot.

The birthday girl; in time out; at her party.

She’s happy with her presents!
In the middle of the scavenger hunt; in the rain; with freshly mown grass; 19 or so children all told; still a success and fun!
Enjoying the “best birthday of her whole life!” while Ella and Brielle look on
Gettin’ our Hullabaloo game on
Our party minus the other grown ups and two more little friends and a little brother
They could NOT wait to break into the Paint Your Own tea set; this is right after Quiet Time.
It’s been a fun couple of days intermixed with periodical whining, crying and sassiness. It’s unfortunate Kevin and I were gone this weekend, leaving the girls here with my parents. They were in wonderful hands, but it’s not the same. Even though we tried to keep their routine the same, it’s not the same.

Two days of birthday festivities is just too much for little bodies to deal with well, I think.

3 thoughts on “The Farm Fresh Family and Too Much Birthday

  1. You have been one busy lady!!! I think I'd be way overstimulated after all those parties. You do get a vacation soon, right? Right?! Well you deserve one!

  2. So, did you celebrate all 3 birthdays? Cadrian has really grown up this past year…I love seeing photos and hearing updates, from your pregnancy photos to present…I feel like I really know you!

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