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My Daybook ~ October 27

Outside My Window … Sunny, blustery, chilly–hopefully a big combining day…harvest is going s.l.o.w.l.y…

I am thinking … how much I love my family

I am thankful for … a visit from my grandma and Aunt Barb from Springfield, Missouri

From the kitchen … a roasted chicken, some chicken noodle soup, and some broth to freeze. My current YUM! is muffins–a chocolate or spice cake mix with 2 c pumpkin, and 1/2 cup water–only 2 points on Weight Watchers and a little party in your mouth. Also White Russian coffee. Deeeelishous.

From the learning rooms … a current 60 piece puzzle obsession, reading our “the Picture Bible” religiously (no pun intended~ ha!)

I am wearing … my grey henley nursing gown with grey lounge pants–still barefoot, although my tootsies are cold! I plan to get dressed soon!
I am creating …postcards to mail out to several companies to have our name removed from mailing/telemarketing lists and the picture alphabet book at winkflash–A is for Aunt, B is for Baby, C is for Cousins ect… but I’m stuck for ideas on J, L, X, and Y…Do you have any good suggestions?


Bringing beauty to my home … a goal of a jog suit free week, and uncluttered counters


I am hearing… Cadrian snoring, and Brielle and my grandma discussing being eaten by the Big Bad Wolf, and Aunt Barb and Aviana cooperatively building a Lincoln Log house, while my dad talks with whomever is paying attention–love multi-generational living!


I am readingBetter Than School–by a homeschooling pioneer


I am hoping … I can get in a walk five out of seven days


Around the house …I found my dining room table!, general maintenence–also a goal to make my bed every day this week


One of my favorite things … talking with my family


A few plans for the rest of the week: MOPS, homegroup, playdates–we’re skipping story hour this week because they are doing a Halloween theme

Here is a picture thought I am sharing~

15 thoughts on “Farm Fresh Daybook

  1. Here are some ideas:

    J is for Jesus or jammies or jam/jelly
    L is for laughter (or Luke, with a picture of the girls reading the Bible opened to Luke)
    X is for xylophone (if you have a play one you could take a picture of one of the girls playing it)
    Y is for yellow, yarn, yo-yo or yams

    Amy (MOPS mom from Washington state)

  2. I agree with Jeffrey: J is for Jesus.

    L is for love
    X has me stumped too. I’ve never seen a creative one in an alphabet book besides Xylophone.
    Y is for Yes and Yummy

  3. Oh I love the glimpses into your life. It makes me feel so normal…Am definitely going to hang out here with you more often!

    What is MOPS btw? Not something I am familiar with in our neck of the planet.

  4. The Autumn blessing cards just have a scripture on the front about the harvest and then we are going to color wooden bears and glue those as well as fall leaves to the card and mail out to grandparents and penpals. 🙂

    Thank you SO much for coming by my blog! It sent me right back to yours! lol


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