Farm Fresh Birthday #1

Kid #3 had Birthday #1 in the Farm Fresh Birthdaypalooza.

Grandma brought over yummy chocolate cake. The frosting was a huge hit, as was my Farm Fresh Homemade Vanilla.

Brielle had all she could do to restrain herself and not open ALL of Cadrian’s presents. She loved this puppy that blew bubbles from Grandma and Grandpa.

And Cadrian was fond of his new tractor; every time he sees a tractor or big piece of equipment, he says “Dada!”

Birthday balloons are great,
but the most fun comes in letting them go, watching them float carelessly to the ceiling, and then shouting “BOO! BOO! BOO! BOO!” at the top of your voice until one of your giants gets it for you
So you can do the shouting all over again!
The birthday garland I sewed up using an idea from The Creative Family and garage sale material.

More birthday fun tomorrow, Farm Fresh Fans, when I’ll have a six year old for the first time ever.

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