Farm Food

Today was Aviana’s psuedo birthday. We let the kids choose something special to do and what we eat on their birthdays. Aviana wanted to have some cousins over but they weren’t available on Saturday for her actual birthday, hence the psuedo birthday. it worked out for the best anyway since the grandmas have to work on Saturday and it’s the day after Cadrian’s birthday. Two birthdays in a row is a lot harder than I bargained for when Cadrian decided to come a week early.

I still want each child to feel special without killing myself in the process.

For breakfast, we had French toast made with storebought, white French bread and all the cinnamon sugar and syrup a small child could want.

Lunch was super delicious pulled pork made by Grandma and Super sloppy joes made by me. I follow this recipe:  We had fresh fruit and veggie trays.

I made a Red White and Blue Poke cake  and Tutti Fruiti Ice Cream( add three each oranges, lemons and bananas–puree together– to a basic vanilla recipe)

For dinner we had friend grown kale with toasted cashews: (only I used almonds) and friend grown sweet corn.

Eight years ago today, I had no idea we’d be meeting our sweet baby A six weeks early in a few short days. I couldn’t have imagined how much she’d change my life.

For so much the better.

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