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One day Aviana was reading Hymns for a Kid’s Heart and came to tell me how much she enjoyed reading the section titled “From My Heart to Yours” by Joni (pronounced Johnny) Eareckson Tada. She asked me about Joni and if she was still alive. I told her she was. We looked her up and watched a few videos of her singing and about her ministries. I told Aviana she could even write Joni a letter to tell her how much she appreciated what Joni had written, and how it impacted her.

So she did. I wish now I would have made a copy of her sweet note and drawing, but…hindsight is 20/20. I went to Joni’s website and found the address.The site mentioned that requests for autographed photos take many months to process, so I assumed, since we weren’t asking for anything, we wouldn’t hear anything from Joni.

I have been known to be wrong.

Today Aviana got a parcel in the mail! She was elated. She got a personal, signed letter from Joni, responding to some of what Aviana had written in her original letter, a mini Bible with at least a verse from each book, a gospel sharing bracelet, several brochures on Joni’s amazing ministries, stickers, a photo of Joni and her husband, a bookmark featuring a beautiful drawing Joni did, and a book of many of Joni’s tear inducing-because-they-are-so-breathtaking-or-possibly-that’s-just-because-I’m-pregnant drawings and paintings.

We were overwhelmed with her thoughtfulness and kindness. If you aren’t familiar with Joni Eareckson Tada and her story and accomplishments, I suggest you get to know her. She is a blessing.

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