Family Hoop

For my dad’s big 60th birthday on Sunday, I made a manly meal of meat and potatoes, and the traditional strawberry rhubarb pie.

Family legend has it that his mom went into labor while picking strawberries and she didn’t go to the hospital until she finished the patch. I’d love to hear that birth story–too bad it’s more than likely lost to the ages.

After dinner we went outside to break out the hoops. (More accurately, the hoop. Kevin needs to make more for all :-))

Leroy (my dad) totally rocked the hoop.

The littles wanted in on the action.

The littlest’s method was to have someone spin the hoop around him. And, alternatively, to put the hoop on the ground, and spin in circles inside of it.

My mom’s skills were admirable.

And then here’s me.

Good times with the Farm Fresh Fam.

4 thoughts on “Family Hoop

  1. Happy 60th to your dad! My dad will turn in September. I'm sure he would love a strawberry rhubarb pie, too. Love those hula hoop photos. You look so lovely!

  2. How wonderful. That's such a great family day. My family also has a story of someone who actually gave birth in the strawberry patch! I love strawberries, but not sure I love them that much.

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