It’s pretty interesting what will come up when you search google images for “fabulousness”.

My life is full of it. Fabulousness that is.

Girls who plan tea parties for the other one.
Boys who learn new words every day. And repeat them. Often.
Girls who ask for more school work.
Boys who start every request with “Mama, mayIpeas do…”
Girls who help.
Boys who love to run and fall down. On purpose.
Girls who do the best they can.
Boys who tumble down the stairs in a footstool, laughing uproariously.
Girls who snuggle in the wrap for most of the day.
Boys who kiss the baby a little too hard and and a little too often.
Girls who open their eyes and gaze and learn to smile.

Fabulousness, I say.
Tough stuff too.

Re-learning our places in the family. Recovering the home under the grime. Re-establishing a daily rhythm.  Reining in the out of control. Discovering the new us.

Fabulousness interspersed with tough stuff.

But His promises are true.
My God will come through.
He already has
in so many ways since this birth.
My help comes from the Lord,
the maker of heaven and earth

Thank you for being patient as we transition. Thank you to those who emailed checking in on us. We’ll find our new normal soon and I’ll be here more.

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