Exercise: a mom’s regimen


Treadmill: fast paced walking: 2 minutes.
Chide the toddler once again to get her fingers off the running part before she gets them caught.
Answer eleventeen questions.
Baby wakes up.
A couple hours later:
Treadmill: fastish walking: 7 minutes.
Children fighting in other room.
Then baby wakes up again.
back and forth back and forth across the living room calming baby.
playing “chase”, “monster’s gonna get you”, and “run from the crocodile!”, among others

Strength training + cardio

With 17 pound baby in one arm, make 32 trips back and forth to the garage carrying in bags from Target with other arm.

Strength training

Lying on back play airplane with baby and elicit glorious giggles from the baby. The real workout begins when the 28 and38 pounders start asking for their turns.

Get out KitchenAid Mixer one handed while holding the baby.
Vacuum while holding the baby.
Make dinner while holding the baby.
Do various and sundry other chores while holding the baby.

So why am I not a size 4?

I wonder if all the Christmas cookies and homemade peanut butter cups have something to do with it.

13 thoughts on “Exercise: a mom’s regimen

  1. I know right?! No really, my biceps are a whole lot bigger now than they were when I was a teenager. I swear it’s all the lifting of babies, groceries, ect. My baby is now over two and I haven’t been holding him much anymore so I’m sure I’ve lost some muscle tone. I’m having another in April though so I’m sure I’ll build those biceps back up again. 😉 I also think that’s why we can’t get back down to our weight when we were teenagers or our pre-baby years. Muscle weighs more than fat…anyway, that’s ‘my’ excuse. 😉 Plus, our metabolism slows down- alot. It takes me longer after every baby to lose my ‘baby’ weight. I’m not looking forward to it after this one…sigh.

  2. Ah ha…I just got a new issue of Reader’s Digest in the mail (read the article on page 86)…genetics and stress are in control of our weight! At least you’re healthy, right?

  3. Hysterical! My baby is 9 years old and I can’t cope any more when I hold my friend’s 13 month old, she wriggles, bends, squirms to get down – and weighs more than a pocket of potatoes.
    Who would volunteer to walk around with a pocket of potatoes and offload shopping?
    No man I can tell you… but we’ve all had to do it.
    Why we’re not super model thin is a question I’d love answered though.

  4. Great post Jessica! I hear ya!! I gotta laugh when I think back to my prebaby weakness. I was such a wimp. Now I find myself carrying my almost three year old and my one and half year old up the stairs AT THE SAME time… Like I’d have ever attempted to carry over 40 pounds up the stairs before having kids. And I love how my shopping cart weighs 80 pounds before I even begin to put anything in it… by the time I finish at BJ’s whole sale with the 40 lb bag of dog food and the other monster sized containers of food, I am easily pushing around more than my body weight… and yet, not sporting the body of one who “works out” all the time. 🙂

  5. I’ve often thought the same thing (about myself not you). Why am I not skinnier!? I never have time to eat a full meal and I’m lugging around these kids all day. I think cookie dough might play a part….I need to test more though to find out. 🙂

  6. I could have written that MYSELF!! LOL! but… let me tell ya… Jazzercise has been helping me! LOL!
    I had the most high needs baby out of my 4 kids and …. why didnt the weight just FALL off?! And why dont I have bulging arm muscles?

  7. Sounds like my workout right now, sort of! *SIGH* I don’t understand why I’m not 50 lbs lighter because of all I do either!!! Stinks, don’t it?!

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