Excitement re-enters my life

I am finally having more good days than bad, and starting to get excited about things again. Praise GOD!!

I am excited about my gym and look forward to going. This morning my mom (who is still staying with us–again, PRAISE GOD!)& I took a class called Bodyworks. It’s a fast paced weight lifting class and I felt so positive about myself the whole time. I haven’t felt that sense of well being in so long; it was refreshing.

I am excited about this new book that just came out. @HOME for the Holidays by Meredith Efken. I ordered it at Borders and picked it up today and am on page 65! I just realized that I also ordered it from Amazon and it will be arriving shortly. It’s the sequel to SAHM I Am, which I devoured last spring. It was funny, and poignant and oh so relevant to my life!

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