Events, or Lack Thereof

This morning dawned bitterly cold once again, and since Kevin was doing tech, and had to be at church super early and for both services, I decided not to take the girls to church by myself. We cleaned house as we were expecting company (and that’s about the only good reason to clean, if then :-)) and had a cozy morning. Aviana was a fantastic little helper.

We enjoyed our company immensely (and they brought yummy desserts to boot). Aviana loved having some little friends over. She is always asking me, “Who’s coming over today?”

We tried to play Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture Edition, but it’s nearly impossible with four under three helping. Not to mention that because we have four under three, we aren’t at all aware of what is happening in Pop Culture.

The dads and girls played some rousing ring around the rosy. It’s SO awesome to see good loving involved dads!! Absosmurfly (you know you grew up in the 80’s if you know what that means) awesome.

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