My brother Cory–this handsome devil holding a newborn Brielle– has been evacuated from his home. Historic flooding–not that it’s ever good to be in the news for flooding–has occurred in his area. His apartment building already has four feet of water around it. The restaurant he manages in downtown Cedar Rapids doesn’t have water in it yet, but odds are not good that it will make it through the week dry. Cory’s perfectly fine, and his apartment isn’t on the first floor so his stuff will all be ok. He’s just feeling frustrated from the situation and not knowing when he’ll get back to work, how big of a mess there will be to clean up, ect. He’s staying with friends, and currently they have no power.

If you’d like even more info, it’s all they are talking about on his local news. Click on Watch KCRG Live. They just showed some college kids catching a fish in the middle of my brother’s street.

5 thoughts on “Evacuated

  1. Yeah it’s crazy flooding everywhere here in Waterloo too. We’re safe and sound, though we have a lake in our basement. Our basement floor buckled and cracked, if we stick our finger in there we feel clay!

    They say it’s 500 year floods. It’s so devastating. One of my girls that works for me has been evacuated since Tuesday.

    Were you going to the reunion on Saturday? I was planning on it, if it’s still on and if we can even get there. 380 I guess is closed so if that continues it would be hard for me to even get there.

    Are your fields all ok?

  2. so horrible! How are you making out? i’m not sure what part of the state you’re in. Here in the Des Moines area they are evacuating some neighborhoods and downtown is flooded….but nothing like Cedar Rapids – devastating.

  3. I’m sick of this rain. I drove by Duck Creek today & it was over flowing onto main roads. Nutso! Hoping your crops are doing alright through all of this!

  4. Yep, your brother is cute! My BIL was headed this way, but I guess I-80 is closed, so that shot his plans. I sure hope the weather will change soon…

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