The Epizoodic

This is what my grandpa always used to say someone had when they were sick with cold and flu-like symptoms, yet it was a pretty much unidentifiable virus. That’s what we have. The Epizoodic. I looked it up, and turns out, it’s a real word! Aviana and Brielle both have terrible mucusy noses and coughs. Aviana says she has a “head-ick”. In fact, she was rubbing my forehead as we were snuggling earlier and kept asking me, “Where is it, Mama?”. I couldn’t figure out what she was talking about, and after answering her fifteen different ways and sideways, was starting to get a bit annoyed that she was asking me the same questions. Finally, I understood she wanted to see my “head-ick”. Poor sweet baby! Why do I get so frustrated at her darling attempts to communicate and become an independent thinker??

I have the same thing as the girls, with a stomachache, headache and earache thrown in for good measure. Only I don’t let the mucus drip out of my nose until it touches my lip like some people around here.

She likes it when we sing the Medicine song when we giver her a teaspoon of Children’s Tylenol in her spoon shaped like an ice cream cone and the Cold song–only I changed it to Mama’s Baby–when we rub her chest with Vick’s. It’s so difficult right now, because she is sick and tired and cranky and whine-y and I am sick and tired and cranky and whine-y and our tolerance is low and I’m trying to baby her as much as possible, but still she needs disicpline but I’m having a hard time with self control right now and I’m a grown up! How can I expect her to be any better? It’s a vicious circle we’ve got going on. Brielle at least isn’t very whiney.

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  1. Note 1. Many old timers recall the winter of 1872-73 as the Epizoodic winter when a disease called “Epizoodic” became an epidemic among horses, affecting their throat and lungs, killing a great many of the horses; times were very hard, and the settlers became very discouraged.

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