Eleven months

For the first time, I don’t really know what to say about my sweet Baby B. She is a handful of joy, a nugget of love, a little morsel of all the best things God could imagine.

She’s into absolutely everything-that hasn’t changed a bit. She is blazin’ fast–if you open the dishwasher, she is into it before you can blink. She is smart and funny, clever and coordinated (you try getting to the top of the fish tank when you’re only 24 inches high). She is usually a great source of laughter for all parties, unless you leave her alone in her crib, then how the screaming will commence!

One of her favorite games is to hand you something, take it back, hand it back, take it back. She is friendly and full of smiles for generally anyone. She is busy and never stops until she absolutely is about to fall over from exhaustion. Then she is a cuddler and at the same time fiercely maintains her independence.
She’s beautiful and she’s mine.

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