Eight months

Precious Brielle Analiese is eight months old today!
She is walking behind anything she can push-laundry baskets, large boxes, Aviana’s doll stroller, big stuffed animals, and oh yeah, an actual toy meant for that purpose!
She loves cruising along the furniture, the cabinets, our legs, the wall…generally loves being upright. She loves her baths, conversations, fingerplays, peek-a-boo, patty cake, and being in the wrap. She has an infectious giggle. Aviana can make her laugh just by looking at her.
She puts everything in her mouth. She still likes paper to eat and now has the lovely habit of splashing in the toilet. I have a lock for the toilet lid but don’t always remember to shut it! She is curious about anything.
She doesn’t like to be left alone, even if it’s just to change the laundry, and will holler in protest. She can produce a lot of volume.
She does not like it when she is eye-level with Lucky, Grandma’s cat, or when Aviana plays “ghosty” –she freaks out and shrieks.
She can clap and nod, and is mistress of all sorts of adorable talents. She is generally a happy, smiley baby and wakes up smiling and cooing. She is delightful and very much loved.

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