Easters Past

Easter 1976

Easter 1984

Easter 1989

My mom used to sew a lot of our clothes.

1968This really isn’t Easter, but it’s the closest I could find. How cute are my hubby’s fat little thighs?
1969 This is a slide! Remember those?


I like how Aunt Connie could care less about the picture, and just wants to see what’s in the basket! 🙂

2006 at Aunt Connie’s church in St. Louis

Easter 2007

8 thoughts on “Easters Past

  1. What fun pictures! My mom definitely made our Easter and Christmas dresses when we were younger too 🙂
    Meanwhile, Brielle looks like a little doll in that last pic.

  2. Those are GREAT pics!!! I wonder if I have any super oldies around. I dont think so … hmmm…
    I wonder what my MOM has laying around!
    thanks for sharing!

  3. i love these pics! this was so fun to look at! and to think…. your hubby had such chunky thighs and he ‘s so tall and thin now! I bet his mother couldn’t stop squeezing those legs! thanks so much for sharing these. hope you all are doing well!

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