Due to serious technical difficulties, this is the only picture I have of my little man’s first Easter. There might be some on my MIL’s camera; I’ll have to see. How disappointed am I?!
And here are my sweet girls.

We got to church super early because I was on nursery duty, so I didn’t actually get to attend services. Then we went over to my in-laws for Easter day. They had planned a 1 o’clock dinner, so the girls couldn’t have quiet time. It was all good until we got home again, then it was basically one non-stop tear fest, until we got them in bed. At 6:30. They were both asleep by 7, thank God.

Kevin and I watched Harper’s Island last night on the ‘net…I think I might be addicted already. And then I got sick. I took two naps today and even the soles of my feet ache. Ugh.

On the bright side, Aviana told me she loves me more than she loves the zoo.

Happy Monday.

8 thoughts on “Easter

  1. That is such a bummer you didn’t get more pictures. I love the pictures of the girls. We had lunch at my grandma’s at 1:30 and the kids were beyond the meltdown point by the evening. Unfortunately they did NOT fall asleep until ten. *sigh* it was a long night:(

  2. How sweet that she loves you more than the {zoo}. The girl’s dresses are lovely! I’m sure Cadrian won’t mind if you take photos of him with an egg today…you’ve got that cute “keaster” one.

  3. I’m sorry you didn’t get to go to services. I thought that was going to work out better. I watched Harpers Island, too, for the first and last time. Too gruesome for me. Let me know whodunit. So sorry you are sick. Hope you are feeling better already! Love you!

  4. Oh their dresses are adorable! I have no pics of Brielle’s first Christmas- back in the day of film I dropped all my pics off to be developed and . they. lost. them. They offered me the same amount of new film rolls- as if that could make up for no pictures of one of my baby’s first Christmas. Seemed devestating at the time, although still sad, we have moved on. Hopefully, you MIL got a few. 🙂

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