We went to Gary and Joyce’s traditional Presbyterian church this morning. They had a beautiful service and an Easter cantata instead of a sermon, parts of which were quite moving for me. Afterwards, the nice gentleman seated behind me told me that he loved to see someone who enjoyed worship. I didn’t know what he meant exactly, but then he expounded that he liked to see someone raise their hands in praise. He went on to say that he “would like to do that too, but I’m too old to join in.” He should go to church with my dad, the Amen King.

Later we adjourned to my in-laws house for an egg hunt, ham with the relatives, a rousing and much misunderstood game of Conga and finally closing with back to back episodes of Planet Earth.

A & B both got into the egg hunt, although Aviana was more interested in what was inside the eggs. Last year we put Golden Grahams and raisins inside and this year she got upgraded to candy!

Whose idea it was to sell tank top Easter dresses in Iowa, I’ll never know…I was glad Leah gave us this long sleeved fancy one. Aviana is becoming a world class twirler!
My sweet baby B–don’t you just want to eat her up?
Our little family–

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