dumb ‘puter

I went to download my pictures.

The printer (into which I insert my memory card) wouldn’t turn on.
I couldn’t make heads or tails of the mess o’ cords behind and in the computer armoire. Perhaps all the dust was obscuring my vision.
I started to pull out cords to try and trace them to the printer to see if I could identify the loose connection.
I pulled more cords.
I pulled out all the cords. The tower. The printer. My poor, underused but very awesome Silhouette. The two power strips. The two extension cords. I noted that an electrical overload is a very real possibility.
I unplugged everything.
I got out my lambswool duster. I dusted. I got out the vacuum cleaner and went through the process of changing to the dusting attachment. I vacuumed. I got out a wet rag. I dusted and wiped. I got out a small jar of water and several Q-tips. I dusted more.
I got out some tape and a Sharpie. I wound up cords. I taped the coils to themselves. I labeled both ends of each cord. I ignored my children in my quest.
I got everything put together again (which really deserves at least a paragraph of its own, but I’ll spare you that superarduousness.)
(Yep, totally a word.)
(It is too! I looked it up).
Voila! The printer turned on. It all worked.
Several hours after I had begun, I again got Photoshop up and running. I began the process, once again, of downloading my pictures.
I got an error message.
And are not on the computer either.
But at least my cords, which no living soul can see, are neatly labeled and coiled, and the inside of my computer cabinet, which no one often sees either, is dust free.

5 thoughts on “dumb ‘puter

  1. I hope that isn't an omen for the new year. You'd think with all this great technology there would be back up plans or some magical fairy wand to prevent such losses.


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