Does the Bible say that?

This story really is going somewhere:
One thing I’ve really been working with Aviana is wiping herself well after she goes pee-pee. I take care of her the other times, as she can’t do that well yet. She will do it at home, but when we’re out and about, she always tries to get me to do it for her, kind of a manipulation thing.

We’re in a stall in the mall, and she looks up at me with her little begging head cock, and says in her adorable little imploring voice, “Wipe me, Pease.”

I said, “No, you really need to work on that yourself.”

She willingly did it; she was only trying to see if I would. Then as she’s pulling up her pants, she asks very seriously, “Does the Bible say I sud do it myself?”

2 thoughts on “Does the Bible say that?

  1. Too funny! I love children’s thought processes!

    Eve uses ten million sheets of toilet paper – that’s what we are working on.
    I think we should just go ahead and buy stock in Cottenelle. We might break even. Might.


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