Ick. Allergy season.

It seems like no matter what kind of medicine I take or when I take it, I’m not myself before 11 o’clock. After an “early” meeting (9:30) and a stop at the grocery store, boxed mac and cheese was all I could manage for lunch, and that was only because Aviana got the box out of the cabinet for me, and started running water in the sauce pan.

Luckily, my most darling and accommodating girls afforded me a long rest after lunch.

We made, packed, and took lunch to my dad and handsome husband out in the field. We hung out a load of laundry and nearly got blown over by the gale force “breezes”.
We messed around outside until I couldn’t stand it a second longer and came in to find something to do.

A few of you have commented how I always come up with the neatest ideas of things to do with my kiddlets. I don’t want to disillusion you, but I will anyway. I doubt any of the ideas you’ve seen here have actually been my own.

Right now, I am using The Best of Totline –from whence came this delightful rainbow art–simply cut tissue paper (and crepe paper because my tissue paper supply is rediculously low, you’ll notice there are not seven colors in our rainbow) and paste on with liquid starch– for a lot of the preschool activities we’re doing. I also keep The Toddler’s Busy Book handy, and google a lot. This tongs/pom pon activity is a variation of a Montessori idea I read about in Mommy, Teach Me! I also recommend Mommy, Teach Me to Read! and pretty much anything Barbara Curtis writes. You can also get a lot of wonderful ideas from her websites.

3 thoughts on “Diversions

  1. Anonymous says:

    you are an amazing mom!!!!
    and where do you find all the energy? I have 3 kiddlets and am always tired. I just love your blog. thanks for all you do

  2. I am so glad you included the names of the books you use. I am always looking for new, great ideas for my kids. And I have to rely on books etc. because I am like the most uncraftiest person evah. 🙂 But, I can cook!! Ha!

    Hope that the allergy season passes quickly! I know my friend Tarrah (Blue-eyed Babies) has a terrible time every year. I always felt so awful for her!

    Hey, and I like box mac and cheese! Annie’s “bunny pasta” is my kids fav. 🙂


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