Dessert for Dinner

So I got up enough courage to stop being “mom-ish”, forget about an all balanced diet and eating vegetables, and take a cue from Dear Mrs Hubs who is beyond all coolness and makes her children the envy of the neighborhood by making dessert for dinner once a week.

We made banana splits.

Aviana was pretty sure she wouldn’t like hers until she saw it involved ice cream. And chocolate sauce. And whipped topping!

Miss Brielle was pretty sure she liked hers right from the start.

6 thoughts on “Dessert for Dinner

  1. Siiiiiigh …

    How come no one ever invites me over for breakfast?

    Well, I guess I am the mom around here. I could make peach cobbler for breakfast every now and then.

    And cake. Cake would totally be my breakfast of choice. Mmmm …

    And now I’m hungry. Thanks, Jessica! (Brea throws an accusing glare at the mom who is so much cooler than her …)



  2. Luuuuucky!

    Looks like it was a HIT!

    My grandma used to do Strawberry Shortcake for dinner at her house whenever her strawberries started coming in. Mmmmmmmemories.

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