Definitely not one of my brightest ideas

I got out this box of Styrofoam peanuts for Aviana to play in. I said, “Now let’s keep the peanuts in the box or the tub. We can’t get any on the floor, because we don’t want Brielle to choke on them.” I turned to put the baby in the exersaucer, just in case.

In case of this! I snapped a few pictures in hopes I could see the humor in the situation, but I was just too darn irritated to really enjoy myself. Aviana was enjoying herself immensely however.

Oh, and what in the world is my ragamuffin toddler wearing, you may be asking yourself. I had put Brielle in overalls, and Miss A wanted to wear some too. She found this pair of Brielle’s overalls in the wardrobe they share, and insisted they would fit. I insisted they wouldn’t. Finally I said, fine, try to put them on, see for yourself. I guess we were both right.

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