Deep Thoughts–or maybe not

**I made dessert for dinner last night; brownies made from scratch. I don’t think I’ve ever done that before, but I’m on a recent quest to stay away from processed foods and chemicals. Because I had cut the sugar in the recipe in an effort to be healtier, they weren’t as good as brownies from a mix. I was very annoyed to discover that making brownies from scratch cost 2 1/2 times more than brownies from a mix. What is up with that?

**I also made apple crisp and served ice cream. Mama ate all her food. Dada ate all his food. Grandma ate all her food. Guess who didn’t eat all their food? That’s right–the Misses Aviana and Brielle ate their ice cream and only bits of their other desserts. Even when I serve dessert for supper, they still won’t eat. What is up with that?

**I saw parts of the Today show because I wanted to learn more about the family who just had octuplets. I was thoroughly annoyed with this show.

They showed this couple who had spent $150K on a dog. Well, good for them. It’s their money. Not really how I would choose to spend one hundred fifty grand, but whatever.

But Al Roker is trying to make them feel guilty about it, like they should consider the economy before they go out and spend all this money. Who cares how this private citizen is spending his money. It’s HIS money!!!

Then the guy is trying to apologize for being rich. He says his father started NASCAR, so he essentially won the lottery. And then he started a company to help with wound care saving lives, and he says he won the lottery again!

No he didn’t! He worked hard for what he has.

He and his father made smart choices. He and his father were creative, original thinkers. They invested well. That’s much different than some work a job joe going into the Kum-n-Go and plunking down a dollar for the Lotto!

It’s probably super nice to not have to consider the cost between mix or made from scratch brownies. I’d like to be rich too, but I don’t resent him for having what I don’t. Even if he did inherit it all and had never started his own business, I still think he has every right to be rich. That’s what makes America great. You can do that!

We need “the rich”. They create jobs. They invent things. They start businesses. What kind of society do we live in where someone feels they have to apologize for rolling in the dough? What is up with that?

**My children’s view of mothering may be in need of a little tweaking.

Brielle and I were looking at a Cars and Trucks page in one of our favorite books, and I asked her what kind of vehicle she liked best.

“ummm…a red twuck for Dada, and…a Twacer for Dada and…a Mystique for Dada and… a jeep for Dada!”
“What about Mama?” I ask, feeling a little miffed :-).
She looked at me as if I were crazy to want anything.
” Well… you tan have a van. I guess.”

Last night Grandma teasingly asked Aviana if Cadrian could have some soup. She told her “Noooo! Tadrian dwinks milk from his mama. She eats her food, and it dissolves into milk, and then he dwinks that nasty stuff!”

8 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts–or maybe not

  1. Great thoughts! And I love Aviana’s version of nursing! Too funny! So how’s the weather out there today? 🙂 Just ducky here! (more like penguiny!)

  2. I’m glad to see that I wasn’t the only annoyed with the Today show today. Al Roker bugs me. I think he should do the weather and only the weather.
    Dessert for supper, wish I could get away with that…

  3. Al Roker who spent money to have surgery to lose weight and then MORe surgery to look even better- the nerve. Each to his own- I’m sure they probably also give to charity—- it is a tax write off. 😉

    Eating healthier is OFTEN more expensive than buying junk- Al Roker should be asking why it’s like THAT in this economy!! 🙂

  4. love aviana’s view of breastfeeding!

    the brownies – now that’s pretty annoying that it cost so much more.

    Did you know that lady who had the eight babies already has 6 more at home?!? Can you imagine?

  5. “and then he dwinks that nasty stuff!” That cracks me up!!!

    And my kids are the same way with desert most the time. I served Strawberry shortcake for dinner one night and they both took a couple bites and wouldn’t finish it. They ended up eating chicken and veggies that night and loved it. What is up, I’ll eat desert for dinner every night if it didn’t cost me inches 🙂

  6. I think it’s sweet that she’s allowing you a van. 🙂

    Yeah, from scratch can be more expensive at first, but your cost goes down the more you make. Example: the first batch of homemade bread (makes three loaves) I made cost me around $25 for everything. Flour, honey, gluten, yeast, oil, etc. Add another $10 for loaf pans. However, except for the flour, all of that stuff lasts at least 7-9 batches, and some of it, like the gluten and yeast, lasts for 6 months, and I’ll never have to buy pans again.

    So, first batch: $35. Following 8 batches: $0. That’s 27 loaves of bread for $35, or $1.30/loaf of the healthiest bread I’ve ever eaten.

    And now I just sound pompous, and I’ve managed to make myself hungry. I think I need some sleep. 🙂

    And Al Roker bugs me, too. Hmph.


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