Daybook –8 March

Outside my window….It was foggy and chilly but I did see people in short today! Crazy people.
I am thinking about all I have to do this week!
I am thankful for a supportive family!
From the learning rooms: Frontier Nurses and Trolley Car Family
From the kitchen–Southwest Chicken in the crockpot, early bird specials and that’s as far as I’ve gotten–also in the kitchen we’re getting rid of the useless and inevitably messy desk area and putting in floor to ceiling cabinets.
I am wearing jeans and three shirts.
I am creating Easter dresses for my girls–except I’m stymied because somehow I’ve misplaced a cut of material I need!
I am going to my sister’s, MOPS, the dentist, Chuck E Cheese, the library… but not all on the same day
I am reading back issues of Mothering magazine
I am hoping I get my verve back. And how.
I am hearing ambient house noises
Around the house shoveling against the avalanche and seriously considering whittling down everyone’s clothes to seven outfits a piece and seven toys each…
One of my favorite things parties…planning and being a guest
A few plans for the rest of the week: Besides the above mentioned places I’m going…snuggling, baking, reading…
Here is picture for thought I am sharing

My very silly boy

2 thoughts on “Daybook –8 March

  1. I hear ya on whittling down the clothes… I wonder if we'd have a much easier time keeping the kids room clean if I got rid of a bunch of their clothes… and it would force me to stay on top of laundry…. good food for thought!

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