Daybook 7 Dec 09

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Outside my window… Heap big snow–and more to come tomorrow night

I am thinking… about how fun being around my husband is now. Oh I’ve missed him so.
I am thankful for… HARVEST BEING OVER!!!
I am wearing… LLBean slippers, black pants, gold sparkly JCrew sweater (via Goodwill) over a Gap sweater (also via a 2nd hand store) and a gold/silver/black scarf knotted not at all artfully 🙂

I am remembering…things I need to add to my list

I am going…to a cookie party, the chiro, getting an underarm wax, tanning–Is the library even worth mentioning by now? Surely you know I’m going to the library. Target. Definitely Target.

I am reading… excited to start What in the world is going on?

I am hoping… we were really helpful to our pre-marital couple we mentored. Now that it’s over.

On my mind… my five page packing list. Obsessive much?

From the learning rooms… Christmas. I don’t remember exactly. We are way ahead of our curriculum in some areas, and right on par in others.

Noticing that…it doesn’t take much to throw my kids completely out of control–last night we went out for pizza to celebrate the end of harvest and even though we were home by bedtime, they were whingy and tantrumy and difficult.

It carried over to today as well–Brielle’s Sunday school teacher even said, “She did not have one of her best days” and that translates she was not good there. We had to pull over for a parking lot spanking for Aviana; a rarity.

Once we were safely home, we did have a delightful day.

Pondering these words…Giving is the secret of a healthy life…whatever [one] has of encouragement and sympathy and understanding. ~John D Rockefeller

From the kitchen… Making cookies, bread, comfort food, warm food, trying to plan ahead for the week and a half we’ll be gone…

Around the house… Putting up the Christmas village, the Christmas Candle Pyramid–(ours is sort of like this one)

One of my favorite things… creativity

From my picture journal…

Brielle vacuuming the bathroom

Vacuuming her brother

The brother asking for more lip sucking. You should have HEARD his chortles!

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