Daybook 4 January

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Outside my window… dark and cold

I am thinking… about my Christmas card picture…for NEXT year!

I am thankful for… not being on the show Hoarders!

I am wearing… black fleece lined pants, a long sleeved Christmas tee and a blue zip up hoodie

I am remembering…being barefoot not too long ago

I am going… as few places as possible since it’s bitterly cold and my wee ones are still recovering from the big whoopdeedoos–but since my How to Knit book is overdue, I am going to the library for sure

I am reading… incredibly between books right now, but my holds should start rolling in any minute

I am hoping… to not start the day tomorrow with a thousand decibels, like we did today

On my mind… getting ready for MOMS group on Thursday

From the learning rooms… Twig, going to start Doctor Dolittle

Noticing that… I’m getting better about loving the moment.

Pondering these words… In the end, what affects your life most deeply are things too simple to talk about. ~Nell Blaine

From the kitchen… homemade bread, soups, comfort Warm foods.

Around the house… putting away Christmas. “Mama, but Twistmas isn’t over!” “It isn’t?” “NO! There’s still snow on the dwound!”

One of my favorite things… reading with my children; with no interruptions!

From my picture journal…

Only the top of the line in medical professionals for Farm Fresh Mama

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