Daybook –18 January

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Outside my window… white–it was so foggy today I couldn’t see the road from my house

I am thinking… what do I really want to do with the evening stretching out before me that’s all my own?

I am thankful for… spaghetti sauce in a can, frozen vegetables and ready to cook noodles

I am wearing… The same jeans I’ve been wearing for a week since they are the only ones that seem to fit and my oversized college sweatshirt

I am remembering… “Mama, I want to pack up my marbles and The Little Engine that Could to send to Haiti, for the children who don’t have any toys.”

I am going… on a playdate, to MOMS group,

I am reading… finished the books from last week for the most part–also read Those Who Save Us (It is a tale of a mother and a daughter, of the mother’s struggles as an Ayran woman during Nazi Germany. It was intriguing and enlightening, truly a gripping story, one that really makes you think, but in the end too graphically sexual to recommend. Some might say it’s real, raw and was really the horrors of what it was like then. I took the recommendation of a trusted librarian–but I regret I did as I still have the haunting images in my head.)

I am hoping… to get caught up on my sleep. I. Am. Exhausted.

On my mind… That book! I wonder what I would do to save my child.

From the learning rooms… Dr. Dolittle, immigrants, pioneers

Noticing that… I really need to epilady. My legs are starting to look like Mo’Nique’s.

Pondering these words… Do we live in a nation where men are judged by the content of their character?

From the kitchen… probably 1/2 a cake for Aviana’s 5 1/2 birthday on Thursday.

Around the house… I still have a Christmas tree to take down

One of my favorite things… when the house is quiet and no one is talking to me

From my picture journal…

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