Daybook –1 February

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Outside my window… dark, snowing

I am thinking… I really should be getting to bed, I actually have to leave the house early tomorrow.

I am thankful for… sleep

I am wearing… natty grey pajama/lounge pants and a red college sweatshirt. Stylin’ I know.

I am remembering… Mama, what’s “rent”?
It’s when you pay money to use something, and then when you’re done with it, you give it back.
You pay money and they you give it back? That’s crazy!

I am going… to babysit at my old MOPS group, to MOMS group

I am reading… Angels and Demons and The ABC Herbal (they’re big on enemas, who knew what I’d been missing?!)–also, truly written in layman’s terms, easy to follow.

I am hoping… we don’t have storm Wednesday, like we have had before MOMS group all the meetings in January!

On my mind… my friends I’m finding out I get to be pregnant with–so excited to share the journey with loved ones!

From the learning rooms… Dr. Dolittle, missionaries

Noticing that… The better I sleep, the nicer I am

Pondering these words… We make our living by what we do. We make our life by what we give ~Danny Glover

From the kitchen…homemade bagels. Excellent. Time consuming. Not sure they’re truly worth it.

Around the house… Started a chore for Aviana: if she vacuums every day after supper, she gets a dollar.

One of my favorite things…reading.

From my picture journal…

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