A Day: In Status Updates

Dark. Bad. Quiet. Good.

Apple muffins: YUM! Shredded knuckle: Not so much.

School started promptly at 9:00. First interruption: 9:20. Not bad!
Denton actually says Ga-Ga.
I want a friend in Alaska.
Brielle’s sunflower sprouts are amazingly resilient.
B: I don’t want to help Tadrian! He always drools on my hand!
Why do I not feel as awesome in my apron as my grandma looked in hers?
I like big equipment as much as the next girl, but the third hour of “back ‘oe” “back ‘oe” “back ‘oe” (repeat. and keep repeating…) may have turned me off of excavators for life.
Too bad this sour cream isn’t actually sour cream.
Loving our new mealtime prayer song.
Quickie Mop doesn’t begin to describe it.
Never realized how good of bunk beds a new bookshelf would be.
It’s awfully hard to put on a coat with a baby on your back.
Ooooh–a new L.L.Bean catalog.
Perspective: When I had just a 2 year old and a baby, I thought life was pretty busy and crazy. Now when I have just a 2 year old and a baby, I feel like I’m on vacation.
Does it count as being in a smaller size if you can’t keep it zipped all day?
All the chirping birds make it difficult to make yourself heard out of doors. Not that I’m complaining. And if I did you wouldn’t be able to hear me anyway.
I adore my UPS man. He always seems to know just what I like.
I just used the word varmit. If I don’t watch it, pretty soon I’ll be a-settin’ on ma porch a’hollerin’ fer them pesky critters to git on outta heyar!

Do I need a special spray bottle for olive oil?
Home raised steak.
Frontier House”: reality tv before reality tv was cool. I’m not 100% confident I would have rocked Frontier House. But I would have tried hard. And learned a lot.
I don’t have enough time to do nothing when I go to bed at 10.

2 thoughts on “A Day: In Status Updates

  1. What a good idea for a post, I might do that too! I chuckled the most on the "varmit" comment, but I'm totally with you on the perspective note. I may only have three kids, but it's amazing how much of a difference it makes when only one of them goes off with a grandparent!

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