Date night and Saturday…

What a fantabulous night!! We drove an hour and a half to see one of Kevin’s favorite bands, and we ate at my brother’s restaurant. I looked good, Kevin looked good, we laughed and talked and had an all around good time until we realized I couldn’t find my cell phone. That we just got last week.

After 12 agonizing hours, Cory finally returned my call saying he had it. I had meant to put it in my purse but inadvertently put it in a bag of stuff I gave to him, instead.

This morning, we went to a one year old’s birthday party until Aviana lost it and we headed home to take naps. Apparently I was the only one who accomplished that goal.

After “naptime” we basically hung out doing nothing while Kevin worked, and I put the girls to bed early and watched Freaky Friday on TV, and Swing Kids on DVD. Kevin and his “little brother” messed around on the computer making it blazin’ fast.

2 thoughts on “Date night and Saturday…

  1. Kristyn Yoder says:

    My girls were at the concert also. They LOVED it. I am so thrilled they, at ages 11 & 17, can enjoy something great together, and no they did not attend alone, we sent them with our trusty babysitter. I think they had Culver’s…. Gringo would have been a much better choice:)

    I found you from Mommy Life. And after reading you blog realized that my husband and father in law may have had the chance to work with your Dad over the years, as they are earthmoving contractor in the area. I am sure you are going to enjoy having your parents closer with those beautiful babes.
    Kristyn Yoder

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