Dada’s Date

Aviana went to see a live musical of Snow White on a date with her dada. They had a fabulous time. They both got all dressed up–it could be the first time Kevin has worn a tie in front of the kids.

Aviana was almost three when we were over at a friend’s house. Their dad was leaving for work. “Mama, why does Mr. S have a strap on his shirt?”
A strap, I wonder…”Oh honey, that’s a tie!”

A tie is a very big deal in our house.

Contents of the backpack: Spare crown, a sparkly lid and a colored pencil.
I know, I know, we don’t “do Disney”, but we do accept other people’s hand-me-downs graciously. Hence the Disney. It was to a Snow White play, after all. Aviana came home to tell me Snow White herself told her she could be her understudy.

Little sister needed her picture taken too! We recently switched clothing racks in the closet, so Aviana and Brielle can both see their own clothes. Brielle carefully chose this wonderful ensemble of coordinating cheetah prints.

And we can’t leave out Daddy’s Little Tractor Driver!

10 thoughts on “Dada’s Date

  1. Looove that they went on a date, and that she got to dress up as the part…how fun! And those lovely blue eyes!

    Hope the Farm Fresh family had a lovely, reflective Christmas celebration!

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