‘Cuz I know you’ve been in picture withdrawal

Aviana is sound asleep. She can barely hold still, even while slumbering.

Winter time uses for pool noodle:

We also limboed–todler style, did a marching game, and balanced it. Fun for all (and an energy burner to boot, which is always a plus.)

A ploy for a bath:
Really. I was obviously not supervising as well as needed, and she painted herself because she wanted to take a bath. Luckily, the power had come back on by that point and I could give her one.

One thought on “‘Cuz I know you’ve been in picture withdrawal

  1. Ruth says:

    We can so relate to “pool noodle playing.” We never use them for what they are made for. The kids laughed when they saw you & Aviana talking & listening through them – my kids do that in their bunk beds at night. One use you missed — sword fighting!

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