Creative Activities

When Mama is lying down, at first to nurse the baby and then because she can’t keep her eyes open one. more. second, (but not even asleep, even though she wished she could be!) it’s a good idea to entertain oneself with some creative activities, such as:

Stepping in corn syrup paintings and making sticky blue footprints all over the bathroom floor.

Unrolling the entire roll of toilet paper and ripping it up.

Putting aforementioned toilet paper and all the washcloths one can reach into the bathtub.

Turning on the bathtub water.

Squirting half a bottle of Bath and Body Works Hand Soap into the toilet paper pulp to make a soapy soup.

Taking out all the toys we had just organized and put away the day before simply because “I wike my woom messy.”

Eating almost an entire sleeve of whole-wheat Ritz that Mama had previously taken away

Eating several Nilla Wafers that Mama had previously taken away

Not eating the lovely carrots and broccoli with dip that Mama had lovingly put out

Oh well, she was a pretty good sport about cleaning it all up, and is on a snack “no-no” for tomorrow.

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