Clay sculptures by Brielle.

Magnetic Paper Dolls by Aviana
Dancing bracelets by Cora and Aviana
a train–completely independently–by Aviana (I don’t know who drank all that Diet Mountain Dew for the wheels)
Paper weights by Brielle and Aviana
Papier-mâché bowls by Aviana and Brielle
I thought this guy was pretty crafty when he figured out how to reach the grapes!

A bedroom scene, complete with stars, rainbows and angels.

One thought on “Craftiness

  1. I was SHOCKED at how crafty my little man turned out to be. My boy just seems so busy and physical compared to my girls. They will sit and do crafts, colour and create and he just handles EVERYTHING, eats EVERYTHING, and climbs on EVERTYHING….He is lucky he is so darn cute.

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