Aviana, Cora, and Brielle
Aviana and Brielle have just three cousins, my sister and BIL’s children. Cora and Aviana are a year apart, Ella is seven months younger than Aviana, and Titus and Brielle are 4 months apart. My cousins have kids we see infrequently, and Kevin’s cousins have children we see a bit more often, as they are more local. We got to see them tonight. Kevin’s mom had us all over for dinner. His sister Connie was home from St. Louis, and we only see her a few times a year. It was great to get together, catch up a little, and the older two girls love to play nanny to my girls, which is a welcome break for me. Any time they want to be a Mama’s Helper is fine with me! Maybe I could have Sarah be my helper while I write my book. Haha. Rebecca, Kristen, Sarah, Brielle and Aviana

On another note, I do think family is so important. We may not always like our families or “get along”, but it’s important to try. The Bible says as far it is up to you, get along with everyone. The New Living Translation puts it this way: Do your part to live in peace with everyone, as much as possible. Romans 12:18 To me that means that even if someone in your family gets on your nerves, bosses you, constantly interrupts you, tries to one up you, is argumentative, puts you down or whatever, your part is to still treat them respectfully. You needn’t be a doormat or let someone walk all over you, but as much as possible, do your part to live in peace. If you are my family reading this, know I’m not talking about you. This may sound a little simplistic, but it helps me when I am around people who are not my favorite, to know that I am trying to do my part.
Aunt Connie

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