Could you BE more biased?

Kevin came downstairs completely aghast at how an unschooling mom was treated and portrayed by JuJu Chang on Nightline last night. She was the main subject in a news story called Unschooling: No Tests, No Books, No Bedtime. I have to applaud her bravery for being a spokeswoman for this “radical” movement, which by the way, has been around for quite some time.

We are not unschoolers, nor do I agree with Dayna Martin’s philosophies of child rearing, but I am appalled that a professional news person would be so confrontative to someone about how she is raising her children.

And for the record, I was traditional public schooled all the way, at the top of my class, Dean’s List at university, academic honors, ectetera, and I have never even heard of Henry James until I watched this biased piece of impugnment that passes for journalism.

One thought on “Could you BE more biased?

  1. That's wonderful…I'm going to share this…although I do discipline my children, I value Dana's choice to raise her children the way she wants, to love learning!

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