Conversations I don’t really want to have pt 1

Jessica? This is your cleaning lady. I just wanted to give you notice so you could find someone else to clean for you.
Um. Ok.
It’s just not working out.
Um. Ok.
Thanks. Bye.

What? Am I difficult? Am I too much work? Does she not like me? Do I expect too much? Is my house that pitiful? Are we not paying enough? Are my kids annoying? (that better not be it!)

The neurosis is kicking in high gear–I call Kevin. He asks if I asked her why she quit.
Um. No.
Well, then how am I supposed to know what “It’s just not working out” means?

I guess he has a point.

After fretting about it for awhile, I called her back to ask for a little more explanation.

Essentially, she didn’t like that I had given her a list of things to do–she was used to doing what she saw fit, I guess. I would just rather pay her to clean the big things, not the legs of my bar stools.

She also felt like I yelled at her (her words) in front of my mom, when I asked her to use less cleaning product, because I had an asthma incident after she left two weeks in a row–totally related to the amount of product in the air. I totally did not and would never yell at someone (except maybe my kiddlets and even then, it’s not what I set out to do).

And then this last time, I asked her to vacuum an extra room if she had time, and she didn’t, but did it anyway and got “in trouble” with her next clients because she was late.


She did use too much cleaning product, which is expensive, too many paper towels, and she swore in front of my kids (not that I am completely off the hook in that regard, but they are my kids). After I explained what really happened, and apologized for the misunderstandings, even though I really hadn’t done anything wrong, she said she would come back and clean for me, but I said no.

I am going to miss coming home to a clean house on Wednesdays though.

4 thoughts on “Conversations I don’t really want to have pt 1

  1. agh! i HATE situations like that! good for you for calling her back for a better explaination! that was really unprofessional, like something a teenager would do…

    i hope you find someone awesome to replace her!

    btw- have you ever tried the method products? they don’t have the harsh chemical odors…but they are a little spendy… cute bottles though…


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