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I just checked out season one of Supernanny on DVD. I enjoy this show for several reasons. Jo reinforces that what I’m doing as a mama is working, I’m doing all the hard work of (generally) consistent discipline so my children are (usually) well behaved, so I can enjoy our time together. It helps me to remember what could happen if I didn’t discipline my kiddlets. I glean a new twist of a discipline technique here and there as well.

But really, the main reason I like the show is, I look at those families before Supernanny comes to the rescue, and I say superiorly to myself, “Well, at least my kids aren’t as bad as that!”

What kind of foods did you/would you want to eat in labor? My midwife wants me to think of some things I’d like to have on hand during Baby C’s labor, but absolutely nothing comes to mind.

I’ve been so hot lately, I don’t have much of an appetite (although I still can eat my absolute favorite Keebler Iced Animal Cookies pretty well). I was just plain sick when I had Aviana and never labored. And labor was so intense right from the start of it with Brielle, I couldn’t have eaten if I tried. Which I did.

So what labor foods should I stock up on? Thanks in advance.

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  1. With Pink I couldn’t eat anything because I was so sick. With Buddy I had some jello and soup. My labor was so quick with him though that I really didn’t have time to think about food.

    I like the super Nanny for the same reasons:)

  2. Oh the good memories of labor day! We didn’t have a home birth, so I just imbibed on what the Birth Center had in stock…chilled cranberry juice REALLY hit the spot, and I’ve never been a cranberry juice fan before. They also fixed me red raspberry leaf tea, hot or iced…

    As far as food, I think I took some wheat thins, but I can’t remember eating them. Have you tried the Sun-dried Tomato and Basil variety yet? Yum. Hubby and I ate breakfast at Denny’s while I was in labor. I had one of their protein filled breakfasts and it made a huge difference in my energy levels for sure. With my other two labors (hospital ones, where they refuse to let you eat anything) I was wiped out after walking the halls for hours and hours on no sustenance.

    You are so close! Can’t wait to hear the good news, AND the name!

  3. LUCKY! They didn’t let me eat anything, even though I begged. It made me really ill.

    Ummm… I’d have some trail mix, popsicles, granola bars… bu thonestly I really wanted a sliced chicken sandwich. Mmmm…

    It’s hard to know because you just won’t know how you feel during labor!

  4. When my doula came over the night I went into labor with my last, she made me a steak omelet! I was hesitant, but she insisted on PROTEIN! It was de-lish, but didn’t stay down for long! Sorry to be gross, but I would encourage PROTEIN for POWER!! ;O)

  5. i couldn’t eat much except jello and ice and popcycles. not too much help there!

    maybe get some vitamin water…that might help if you can’t eat anything agian.

  6. I would recommend – from personal experience – frozen grape juice. My mom froze it for me and then while I was in labor, scraped it off and gave me spoonfuls of the ice. It was cool and refreshing, easy to consume, plus it gave me the sugar boost I desperately needed.
    This last time, when I was in labor with Eliza, I was so completely exhausted by the end of pushing I really didn’t think I could do it. My mom made me drink honey ( a LOT of it) in water. I drank it through a straw and it was GROSS!! But, I’m telling you what, it worked. And it worked good. It met me right where I was at.

    So, all in all, I say- something cold, and sugary. The quick energy is what you need. I ate protein afterwards when I was feeling more like myself.

    Much love to you!!


  7. Oh your little confession made me grin 🙂 I think most people like Supernanny and similar shoes for the same reasons that you do 🙂

    As for the food, I wasn’t allowed to eat, so I am no help there. I think though that probably lighter foods would be best. Good Luck!

  8. No idea. At eh hospital we are not allowed to eat once we check in. Which never made sense to me. Especially like in the case with Shaye- I was induced in the am and labored until the NEXT morning and then was expected to push out a 10 lb. baby on no sleep and no food- can you say NO ENERGY. I was just laying there exhausted begging them to just take her. Finally I realized that wasn’t going to happen and mustered up something to actually push out. But it didn’t seem like the smartest approach to me.

  9. We took the peanut butter crakcers (again with the protein), some dried fruit, and some granola bars. To be completely honest I think my husband ate them during the day, I just had my water and a popsicles.

  10. I suggest Italian Ice or Popsicles. Oh and crushed ice to suck on if you start getting sick. Maybe something with protein for as soon as labor starts. I usually end up so sick I can’t eat anything, so I am sort of at a loss for advice here.

  11. With my first, I ate toast with apple butter. It was the only thing that sounded good. The next two were inductions, and they wouldn’t let me eat anything except broth, jello, and popsicles. The beef broth actually tasted really good. With my fourth, I snuck food into the hospital in my bag. I drank a lot of Powerade (in a light flavor) and ate a granola bar. What would have hit the spot? A ham sandwich on whole grain bread. My husband’s aunt was one of my nurses, and she had brought a tub of strawberries for after the delivery. I devoured them. Good luck!

  12. Well, unfortunately I’ve had a diet of ice chips with all three of my kids. The first – not sure why they wouldn’t let me eat…#2 and #3 were c-sections (boo!) and so food is a big no-no. I’m thinking frozen stuff? Liquidy frozen stuff? It’s getting close!!!!

  13. Well, I had Leah in the winter and I had toast and a cup of tea . . . that was about all that I felt like eating. It wasn’t during active labour, it was before that. I would say anything you feel like having would be fine!

  14. I wasn’t allowed to eat during labor (or 8 hours before…I was induced) and I didn’t really want to eat during for fear of what could happen during delivery. lol BUT, I would have wanted chick fila chicken biscuits. My mom, BF and Hubby were eating them in my room and I was dying for them to share!

  15. With both my kids I couldn’t eat anything, I munched on the ice chips for thirst but that is about it. No foods until after the birth, literally after my son came out I was begging hubby to run to Burger King for a big burger LOL

  16. I need to watch some of that Super Nanny, maybe all those other families would convince me I am doing something right.

    Labor food, I’d have to go with Watermelon. Doesn’t that sound good?

  17. With Abby & Emmy I wanted to eat and of course I wasn't allowed to because I was at a hospital. With Emmy I had what they call "perfect tranistion" and I threw up right before the last stage of labor. With Micah he came so quick I didn't want anything to eat during labor even if they had forced me to eat which of course they wouldn't have! So anyway…I would want cheese and turkey or cheese & ham sandwiches, chicken noodle soup, ice cream, toast, grapes, omelets, apples for fresh fruit slices wiht cream cheese dip…and other things, too! Oh! Lollipops! I lived on tootsie pops because I could have them at the hospital. Yeah…I can say that I was always hungry for something with protein.

  18. Can't help you on the food unless you have a craving for something. I was in the same boat as Gina and they wouldn't let me eat anything except a bowl of fruit before they started the induction on my last one. I was sucked dry of all energy by the end of it. You should definitely get some protein in as soon as you realize you're in labor b/c that will stick with you the longest. Once things get going I would head straight for the sugar energy . . . like M & Ms – I call them power pellets!!

    And I agree with you about Super Nanny!!

  19. I gave birth two years ago today – it lasted less than three hours, so I didn’t munch on an anything.

    I too have watched Supernanny just to feel better about myself!!! I’m glad I’m not the only one 😉

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