I’ve disabled comments.

I have disappointed myself over the last couple of years. I started this blog for a few reasons. One, a record of my life, for myself and for my children. Two, a cheap therapy session–journaling is good for the soul. Three, family and friends from afar could keep up with the happenings of the Farm Fresh crew.

And then, blogging somehow took on a life of its own. I discovered a whole new world out there. I found women (and one guy–hi Luke), with whom I have tons in common, who are in the same throes of raising families as I am, who understand, sympathize and commiserate.

But then, I started kind of posting to the comments. I started checking to see if I got any comments more than once a day, getting on line specifically to see if I got any comments. The narcissist in me started needing the comments.

Bad Jessica. Bad. No donut.

I’m going to see if this changes my thinking, if I can go back to blogging just for me.

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