Colorado “Vacation” Day Two

We were up super early. Still on Iowa time (which Kevin gave me static for all week) I was privileged to be up in plenty of time to greet the Colorado sunrise. My sister whipped up a fabulous breakfast for us and broke out the coffee maker. We were on  the road again, heading for Colorado Springs.

 We were privileged to be on one of the first creation tours given at Glen Eyrie,  a tour highlighting evidence of the world wide Noahic flood using the amazing views at Garden of the Gods.

 The kiddlets did a little rock climbing.

We had lunch and met up with some of our friends from Samaritan Ministries, the reason we were in Colorado to begin with. As you may be able to discern from our lovely family photo, some of our group were getting unhappier by the minute.

 Even after another two hour car ride, one unhappy camper would not capitulate to sleep. While Kevin and I were laughing about the numerous U-turns we had to make finding Horn Creek camp, he was continually and loudly being bad humored.

We arrived at Horn Creek just in time for supper, 

and for Kevin to quickly unload the car before the first of his meetings. I’d like to say that I spent a relaxing evening enjoying the cool mountain air on the porch of our cabin.

But that wouldn’t be true.

Instead I had to keep pulling off the nursling to pop a wayward boy or two back into bed and contend with the crying crabbiness of several of my offspring. We all finally fell asleep, long before Kevin got finished with his meeting at 10.

One thought on “Colorado “Vacation” Day Two

  1. Soooo,
    I used to work at this camp in '93-94. What a surprise to see it in your pics. It was a beautiful place to live!!! Looks like you had fun.

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